i just got nominated for the ice bucket challenge and i dont want to do it but I’m also excited 



HAD CHET NOT BEEN USELESS (no offence chet but you ruined all your friends’ games) AND GIVEN UP SHE PROBABLY COULD’VE DOMINATED THE GAME

I just saw an article about a prolific serial killer and bc of something I saw on tumblr I was able to identify her before I even opened the article god bless

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i agree with like 1 of these

omg ily

Since Everyone Else Is Doing It

Unpopular opinions

  • Cook Islands was boring and predictable
  • Jenny was a goddess in Cook Islands
  • China was a terrible season
  • The only likable post-merge China castaways were Jaime, James, and Amanda
  • (i really hate Todd Herzog tbh)
  • Courtney isn’t a goddess (but she still hella cute)
  • Tracy was one of the best players in Micronesia (she literally saved Chet, HER CLOSEST ALLY, like 3 times and almost got Ozzy voted out)
  • Crystal was one of the best players in Gabon (and should be brought back smh)
  • Samoa is one of the best seasons god bless
  • Shambo Waters was literally a goddess (not really an unpopular opinion tbh)
  • Jerri wasn’t that great in HvV???
  • NaOnka definitely would have been f3 had she not quit, but the entire jury hated her so
  • Christine should be brought back
  • Lisa Whelchel is a goddess
  • (i really hate Laura Morrett or however df u spell it tbh) (but I love Ciera)
  • I hated Kass but her strategy was new and unique (i.e, getting literally all of the jury to hate her and making sure everyone knew how much the jury hated her in order to make the finale) (she’s a queen outside of the show tho)
  • As much as I love Morgan she’s not coming back tbh
  • Trish was annoying until the hag off and her laugh genuinely terrified me (and I’ll never forget her saying she was glad to be voted out bye)
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acid candy pop victorian

We have tons of these kinda houses in my town and the are just really awesome, the houses are actually classified as “Painted Ladies” and the are probably some of the best examples of Asymmetrical, non linear architecture ever created
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Balenciaga Spring 2014 (details)